Warm Edge Windows, Dublin, Ireland

We are a fully registered company with over 25 years experience that is committed to saving you money.90% of aluminium and Upvc windows and door are repairable at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.
The most common call we get is draughty  windows and doors and this problem can be solved very quickly and is  cost effective as you lose up 40% of your heat through draughty  windows and doors.
We give a full 12 month guarantee on all repair work carried out.
The 10% that cannot be repaired or even if you just want a change, we offer a full replacement service for new Windows, Sliding sash windows, Doors, Composite doors, French doors, Sliding doors, Bi folding doors at a reasonable price

Door cylinders

Most doors have a standard cylinders and most burglars have a screwdriver and a vice grips and that’s all it takes to snap a door cylinder within seconds and enter your home or business. We supply and fit anti snap, anti drill, anti bump and anti pick cylinders all in the one cylinder. You can also have them with a thumb turn or you can have all you door locks in your home or business key alike one key open all your doors or you can have coded keys.

Sliding Doors

The main problem that occurs with sliding patio doors is either the wheels seize up due to not being maintained properly or the locking lever breaks.Either way it is easily solved as we carry all parts.

Door Handles

Door handles tend  to become very loose over the years and is due to wear and tear of a plastic washer and its just a simple matter of changing the handles.

Door Locks

There are so many different types of locks from the simple mortice lock to the high security hook locking system. Sometimes the locking system may fail from wear and tear  or damaged because of an attempted break in or even you would just like to upgrade to a better locking system. Whichever it is we cover it all.



Letterboxes are  constantly in use by postmen, leaflet droppers and people that use your letter box as a knocker. Eventually the spring will break and you have that annoying flapping noise coming from your letterbox and only option your left with is to replace it.

Door Spring Closer

Door Spring Closer

Door closers are are more common in apartments and businesses as an automatic door closer when someone enters or exits the door.They normally last a long time but on occasions the leak oil and they have to be replaced.

Emergency Door Opening Service

Emergency Door Opening Service

If you misplaced your keys or you’ve left the key in the back of the door or even the wind catches the door and it slams behind you leaving you locked out. Call us.

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